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Berwick Endodontics

Root canals, or endodontics, are a necessary option for many patients who have experienced damage or decay that extends into the interior of the tooth,to the packet of nerves and tissue known as the pulp. When this pulp is compromised, it can result in pain, extensive decay, and even tooth loss, so effective treatment is key.

The most common reason patients need a root canal is due to a deep cavity which has reached the tooth’s interior. A root canal has a lot in common with a normal filling, as the goal is to remove decay and fill the hole left by removing the decayed material. First the dentist drills into the tooth, removes the infected pulp and tissue, and then disinfects the area. The tooth is then filled. Normally, we will recommend a crown on the tooth as well, in order to make certain the structure of the tooth is properly supported.

Root canals don’t have to be scary! With today’s dental advances, and in our capable hands, there’s nothing to fear at all. You can trust the dental professionals at Berwick Family Dentistry to work together to deliver the most comfortable and effective procedure possible.

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